Who We Are & What We Do

Farbetek International (Pty) Ltd - please call us Farbetek, or even Ftek - is a business that understands small businesses. And with many years of comprehensive experience in major industrial and manufacturing environments, we understand the bigger business operation as well.

We are a small group - a team that has a diverse background, with essential skills developed in the paint and coatings industry, the oil and gas sector, the food services and hospitality industry, gardening and landscape services, law and legal services, the beauty industry; as well as in fine arts and graphic design - and finally - in entrepreneurship and business management.

We have worked, and continue to work, in South Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. We understand cultural, cross-cultural, and multi-cultural idiosyncrasies. So there is a good chance that we may understand you - more so than you may think! And, because we are a small crew, you just know that we will pay attention to you and your business and creative needs!

We offer a unique range of services and products - unique in that they are offered in one place from one company - which reflects our skill, our talent and our diversity; services and products that allow us to offer the best solutions possible to our clients.


Head Office

49 Bohmer Road
The Wolds
New Germany 3610


Tel: +27-31-100-0146

Email: info@farbetek.com